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    Our quality system is a complete set of scientific, reasonable and standardized methodology which runs through the whole course of a drug production to ensure the safety, stability, the efficacy of veterinary products. Starting from receipt of raw material, quarantine, storage, production, the product release, marketing to the post-sales, everything is totally controlled and monitored. Controlling methods to each stage of production are validated scientifically, which ensures the products quality corresponds to its pharmaceutical specifications. Quality system contains elements such as material control, like raw materials and ingredients, water, gas and packing materials etc, and hardware control, such as premises, facilities, equipments and instruments, and personnel control.

    The Quality Control (QC) Manager and Quality Assurance (QA) Manager are key personnel in quality system. Quality control (QC) department is adequately staffed with qualified testers and examiners, and equipped with sufficient modern equipments and instruments necessary for all required analysis of pharmaceutical formulations as well as for in-process control. QC department fulfills its duties of quality analysis, in charge of the physical and chemical analysis of material, intermediates, finished products, technical water and gas, microbiological assay and animal experiment. QA Department is responsible for monitoring and supervising all the factors involved in production which may have an influence upon the quality of product. Analytical results from QC department are the basis?of quality evaluation by QA department. Two departments are independent with each other but cooperate with each other, and have?their own emphasis in concern, thus forming a neutral, and autocephaly quality system which is independent from?all other departments of the company but have powerful authority.??

    A GMP office under QA department is operating within the company which ensures that daily performance of each department and each post are well done as per GMP requirement. ?A misbehavior during production process found by routine check of GMP officer will be pointed out on the spot and an amendment will be imposed instantly. Afterwards the error-correcting notification in writing is given to the worker himself and the department which he belongs to. The related department organizes a quality warning meeting after the receipt of the error-correcting notification to avoid re-occurrence. If the same problem occurs, responsible person will have to leave the post and be trained, and can only be regain his job after passing the examination of training. ?The employee will be shifted to other post when non-standardized behavior is found again. If there is no other proper post for him in the company, he will be laid off.?

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