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    33,000 Cartons of BARCLEAN in Busy Production

    Lydia|05 January 2021


    Since middle December, Fangtong staffs have been undergoing intensive production for BARCLEAN-Compound Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium Injection.?One of the biggest farming corporation ordered 33,000 cartons of BARCLEAN in middle December, and all these are estimated to be delivered before Chinese New Year Festival in February.


    This farming corporation is a public company listed in Chinese main stock market which owns over 15 million heads of various animals for meat. She has been keeping continuous and stable cooperation relationship with us for more than 10 years. Each year for BARCLEAN alone, she would place orders valuing about 30 million RMB eqt US Dollars 5 million. BARCLAEN is a classic product of us, it has earned much good reputation from farmers and veterinarians both home and abroad in years of clinical use because of its wide range of indication, high efficacy and food safety friendly character.?


    We have always been focusing on producing high quality veterinary medicines, providing professional technical support, this is what keep us going forward and why we get trust of farmers and top farming corporations in agriculture profession.


    BARCLEAN in production





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    Post time: Jan-06-2021
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