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    Mr. Li Yangchun


    Graduated from Veterinary College of Southwest University in 1981, majored in veterinary medicine.
    After graduation he served as a teacher in the same college, in 1992, he got professor title in veterinary science. He has been engaged in teaching,
    research and development of veterinary new medicine since then.
    He is the consultant of many veterinary drug manufacturers for their technology and marketing.

    Mr.?Tang Jianhua

    General Manager, Professor

    Pathologist; Graduate?tutor 
    Expert in talent bank of Ministry of Agriculture;
    Leader of?young and middle-aged academic technology?of?Rongchang District, Chongqing;?Member of China ?Animal Health Products Association;
    Member of Chinese Veterinary Pathology Society;
    Member of Chongqing Entrepreneur Association.
    Awarded 1 major scientific and technological achievement?by Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipal People's Governments;
    Many times honored?as prominent?teacher,?excellent Communist Party member and outstanding?class teacher of?Southwest University
    Main monographs: <<Animal Physiology>>, <<Animal Physiology Experiment>>
    Published more than 30 scientific research papers, 2 academic monographs,
    In 2018, He was listed as leading talents in technology and science in Chongqing.
    Over 35 years teaching and educating, scientific research experience.
    Over 30 years devoting to?animal protection industry.

    Mr. Fu Jin

    Vice?General Manager,? Pharmacist

    Director of International Department. 
    Graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, worked in Sichuan Drug Administration between 1990-1994, 
    achieved pharmacist qualification in 1993 from Title Evaluating Committee and got another title of International Business Engineer 
    in 2005 from Ministry of Commerce.

    Mr. Chen Jixuan

    Chief Expert, Professor

    Master tutor of Southwest University; 
    Expert of ?Three Districts Talent Bank of the Ministry of Science and Technology;
    Director of the Pig Division of ?Fangtong Animal Pharmceutical Co., Ltd.
    Chief Expert of Clinical Prevention and Control of Livestock and Poultry Diseases of Chongqing City;
    Head of ?Zhong County Technology Poverty Relief Team of ?Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.
    Ever presided 6 provincial scientific and research projects and published more than 40 papers.
    Being?rich clinical experience in comprehensive prevention and control of livestock and poultry diseases;
    Main monographs:?<<Animal Physiology>>, <<Animal Physiology Experiment>>, <<Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Pig Diseases>>.etc
    Has?been serving large-scale farms all year round and?giving special technical lectures to grass-roots technical backbones and farmers, with more than
    40,000 training sessions and ever reported by?CCTV and Chongqing TV News.

    Mr.? He Yongjian

    Senior experimentalist, Professor

    Lecturer of University; 
    Member of National Veterinary Association;
    Member of National Veterinary Medicine Association;
    Engaged in animal husbandry and veterinary teaching and scientific research. Ever worked at the College of Animal Science and Technology 
    of Southwest University?for courses clinical diagnosis of animals and veterinary medicine, veterinary medicine, animal nutrition and metabolic
    diseases, Veterinary poisonology,etc.
    Many times honored national invention patents in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, provincial and ministerial scientific research 
    achievements, and excellent paper awards.
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