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    Our Company

    We, Chongqing Fangtong Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, used to be a veterinary college affiliating enterprise in early 1990’s, and now owned by 3 professors of the that college, are the largest manufacturer of veterinary injectables in China, besides, we also produces Powder for injections, Oral solutions, Tablets/Bolus, Water soluble powders, Disinfectants, Acaricides, our product range covers nearly all required dosage forms in veterinary clinical practice.

    In 2006, we bought a new medicine patent from Melbourne University, Australia and bought new land to build the first manufacturing line in the world to produce Genetic Engineering Subunit vaccine for sheep hydatidosis. This vaccine line merged with another famed vaccine company in 2014 and becomes Top 5 veterinary vaccine supplier in China. We hold 25% of share.

    Fangtong still focus on animal pharmaceuticals. We are the teaching and experiment base of China Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University, and Southwest University. We have first class R&D facilities, first class production conditions and capabilities to develop new veterinary medicines.

    Prospective science and technology are the real driving forces for progress. Without leading products, there will be no leading markets, without leading products, there will be no loyal customers, without leading products, there will be no expression of our value and no rapid development.

    A group of energetic, diligent and pragmatic young people with Master's degree, Doctor's degree leaded by company’s Professors forms the core team of scientific research focusing on the development of new medicines with high efficacy. Today, we are not only down-to-earth and keep pace with the times, but also famous in the industry for research and innovation.

    Standing at the height of ensuring the safety of animal source food, we apply molecular biology to devote ourselves to find new medicine. Professor Tang Jianhua, the general manager, as chief scientist of Fangtong, has successfully developed a series of high-tech veterinary medicines, and filled the gaps in China. Golden Root Injections?, Lungclean Granule?, approved by Ministry of Agriculture of China as new national medicine, provide more and better alternatives for the prevention and control of livestock and poultry diseases. These green, low toxicity, high-tech products not only considered animal welfare, but also got exact clinical effect, and has been widely recognized and praised.

    Let agents make money and let end user being satisfied, we strive for development by innovation. Relying on Veterinary Campus of Southwest University, we train our agent’s sales and after-sales personnel to be professional. We established a manufacturer and distributor alliance system in different marketing areas. Besides providing products with definite curative effect and stable quality, we also provide market planning for different channels, and supply whole course of sales service and after-sales service.

    “Rigor, Realism, Enthusiasm, Expertise” is Fangtong’s culture. Fangtong people is working enthusiastically in rigorous working style to build the new image of animal healthcare industry with realism and expertise. We sincerely invite friends from all over of the world to work with us to devote ourselves to the research and development, production and promotion of animal healthcare products and make new and greater contributions to animal husbandry industry.

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